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Industry news Nanjing Metro Line S1 (Airport Line) was operated for the first time on May 10 using A

发布时间:2024-07-10 11:48:52  

Rail Transit Exhibition News The reporter recently learned that Nanjing Metro Line S1 used ATO+ technology for the first time to realize passenger operation. Under the application of this technology, the train can "run, stop, and return by itself" by virtue of its own judgment, which not only effectively saves the commuting time of passengers, but also makes the train run safer and more stable, and greatly improves the travel experience of passengers.


On the basis of the original ATO (Automatic Train Operation System), ATO+ technology only upgrades three system equipment such as signals, vehicles and platform doors, which not only has low investment, small scope of change, short construction period, and can be completed without affecting the normal operation of Line S1.

"Through the application of ATO+ technology, Line S1 realizes the functions of automatic arrival and departure of trains, automatic opening and closing of train doors and platform doors, automatic turnback, and automatic entry and exit sections. Under the ATO+ technology, the driver mainly plays a supervisory role, which effectively avoids the safety risks caused by human error and ensures the safety of the train. According to the relevant person in charge of Nanjing Metro, the technology can realize the departure of the train immediately after the door is closed, and each station can save nearly 10 seconds of preparation time, effectively improve the average speed and punctuality of the train, and greatly improve the automation level and operational efficiency of the line.


The reporter learned that in order to facilitate passengers to travel by public transportation, Nanjing Metro provides the organization and operation mode of the big station express train for the large passenger flow characteristics of Line S1 to Gaochun Station and Lishui Station. In this mode, trains only stop at major stations, while some smaller stations do not stop, enabling trains to shuttle quickly during peak hours, relieving the pressure of passenger flow during peak hours and shortening the commuting time of citizens. In addition, this operation mode has the characteristics of large station distance and fast speed, which can better adapt to the passenger flow needs of major stations, meet the needs of citizens for fast and convenient travel, and improve the service level and operational efficiency of the line.


China's urban rail transit is transforming to smart and green, and Nanjing Metro, as an explorer of green and smart urban rail technology application, is making every effort to accelerate the implementation of smart urban rail. It is understood that ATO+ technology will also be applied to Metro Line 6 and Ningma Intercity Line in the future.

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