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The 2024 ARTS Shanghai International Advanced Rail Transit Technology Exhibition

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As subways interconnect and high-speed trains race ahead, what was once impassable terrain has transformed into accessible routes. From technological innovation to the 'Belt and Road Initiative,' China is progressively advancing from being a 'great transportation nation' to confidently stepping into the realm of a 'powerful transportation nation.' Embracing the concept of a powerful transportation nation, advocating for the internationalization of rail transit standards, strengthening international exchange and cooperation in rail transit, enhancing technological innovation, promoting business development and communication, the 19th ARTS 2024 Shanghai International Advanced Rail Transit Technology Exhibition (referred to as 'ARTS International Rail Transit Exhibition') jointly organized by the Urban Transportation Network, the Urban Public Transportation Branch of the China Civil Engineering Society, and ShengGe Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., will be grandly held from December 18th to 20th, 2024, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. We sincerely invite global industry partners to participate in this exciting event, jointly exploring the innovative future of rail transit.


The exhibition scale

The 2024 ARTS Shanghai International Advanced Rail Transit Technology Exhibition will center around the theme "Smart Tracks, Interconnected Future," aiming to create a premier platform for industry-level exchanges. This edition of the exhibition will span across 20,000 square meters and will feature exhibitors encompassing various sectors within the rail transit industry. These sectors include vehicles and components, interior designs for rail transit vehicles, track safety and equipment, rail transit power supply and new energy, application materials for rail transit vehicles, smart rail transit and communication signals, tunnel and underground engineering, track maintenance, and other aspects related to rail transit. The exhibition aims to provide comprehensive, advanced product technologies, and industry-oriented solutions all in one place.


Concurrent Events

Alongside the exhibition, the 2024 China Rail Transit Development Summit Forum series will be held, comprising 5 major thematic forums and over 25 topic-sharing sessions. It is expected to attract tens of thousands of professional attendees gathering on-site to collectively explore the trends in the integration of rail transit technology innovation and industrial development.


Business Cooperation

The goal of this exhibition is to stimulate innovation, foster collaborations, and drive sustainable development in the field of rail transit. Throughout the event, you will have the opportunity to engage in high-level forums, specialized discussions, and technical exchange sessions. These platforms will allow you to listen to authoritative figures in the industry share unique insights into the future of transportation development. Moreover, the exhibition area will prominently showcase the latest products, services, and technologies, offering a comprehensive platform for industry insights and opportunities for business networking and interactions.




Whether you aim to showcase your innovative products, expand your business network, or gain in-depth insights into the latest industry trends, this exhibition will provide you with a rare platform and opportunity. Don't miss out on this chance! Sign up now!

The future is here! The stage is set! Save the dates! We sincerely invite you to join us!