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The 2024 ARTS Shanghai International Advanced Rail Transit Technology Exhibition will be themed "Smart Rail, Connected Future" and will be held from December 18th to 20th, 2024 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center!

Rich exhibits with a grand scale

The 20000 square meter exhibition area will attract more than 200 upstream and downstream rail transit enterprises to participate, and is expected to attract more than 25000 rail transit professionals to witness the exhibitor's style! Viewers will have the opportunity to get up close to the latest technological products and experience the charm of innovative applications.

This exhibition will continue to serve as a platform for technological innovation exchange. During the same period, a series of activities such as brand promotion, exhibition transactions, new product releases, and themed forums will be held to showcase the latest products, cutting-edge technologies, and solutions in the field of urban rail transit, promoting the high-quality development of the rail transit industry.

2024轨道交通展 | 早鸟展位 大“惠”盛启!(图1)

Exciting activities and unlimited business opportunities


Leadership Tour

This rail transit exhibition will attract high-level leaders from many well-known domestic subway companies to visit the site. They will jointly share their experiences and achievements in the construction and operation management of their respective subway networks, providing important guidance and reference for the development of the transportation industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to have face-to-face communication with these leaders, gain a deeper understanding of the latest developments in various subway companies, and explore opportunities for cooperation.

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As an important event in the field of international rail transit, this exhibition will attract numerous domestic and foreign experts and scholars to attend. They will share the latest scientific research achievements, technological breakthroughs, and innovative applications through special speeches, seminars, and other forms. Experts will conduct in-depth discussions on hot issues in the field of rail transit, bringing cutting-edge ideas and concepts to the industry and promoting innovative development in the transportation industry.

2024轨道交通展 | 早鸟展位 大“惠”盛启!(图3)

Overseas procurement team

On site, a billion dollar procurement demand will be released to provide exhibitors with a precise business cooperation platform for docking. Further activate conference resources and promote industry co creation, co construction, co integration, co governance, sharing, and win-win outcomes.

2024轨道交通展 | 早鸟展位 大“惠”盛启!(图1)

2024轨道交通展 | 早鸟展位 大“惠”盛启!(图2)

2024轨道交通展 | 早鸟展位 大“惠”盛启!(图3)

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