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You can't miss the flagship Exhibition in the field of Asian international rail transit!

"ARTS Rail Transit Exhibition" has gone through sixteen years, grasping the pulse of rail industry development, leading the industry development direction, domestic and international influence continues to rise. In the last exhibition, the exhibition area exceeded 20,000 square meters, an increase of 30% compared with the previous year, and the number of exhibitors increased by 11% compared with the previous year. Nearly 200 enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, and received the support of international exhibition groups from Germany, Spain, Turkey, India, the Philippines and other countries, reflecting the optimistic attitude of the world towards the Chinese market and the international status of "ARTS Rail Transit Exhibition".

Extensive and comprehensive publicity, for you to find high quality and counterpart buyers!

√ Media publicity: Establish cooperative relations with more than 60 commercial vehicle industry media, more than 80 user industry media/market media, and more than 20 mass media to conduct targeted publicity and promotion to the corresponding buyers;

√ Direct Mail invitation Letter: more than 20,000 industry visitors who are confirmed to be valid and have decision-making power and influence will receive direct mail invitation letter;

√ Active participation in domestic and foreign exhibitions: expand channels for collecting buyers at home and abroad, and distribute a large number of visiting tickets;

√ EDM: The organizer has a huge target buyer database and sends EDM regularly, so that the exhibition can reach 500,000 target customers dynamically and accurately;

√ Buyer matching activities to improve exhibition benefits: provide one-to-one buyer invitation for key customers, directed invitation for designated users in designated areas, efficient guided visit for on-site exhibition, two-way introduction for key customers' booths, and business services for on-site professional negotiation area;

√ Provide more platforms for exhibitors to release new technology and new products: mainstream media to attend, on-site guest interviews, real-time online reports, post-exhibition reports highlights.

The activities during the same period were wonderful and created a diversified exchange platform

Several professional forums will be held at the same time, focusing on hot topics of the industry: 50+ new technology and new market keynote speeches, 200+ rail transit technology and trade enterprises, 600+ professionals in the rail transit field, 500+ on-site technology and trade exchange opportunities.

Top 100 authoritative industry selection, promote the innovative development of new energy

In addition, the industry will also hold the authoritative top 100 selection activities to promote the development of innovation in the rail transit industry. Continuous innovation, driving the future as the theme of market research, expert review, authoritative nomination to highlight industry differences, covering a wide range of areas to cover the whole process of publicity, but also a live awards ceremony.