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Urban public transport branch of China Society of Civil Engineering

Urban public transport branch of Chinese society of Civil Engineering (hereinafter referred to as "public transport branch"), founded on August 8, 1979, is a branch of Chinese society of civil engineering. It is a national, academic and non-profit social organization voluntarily composed of Chinese urban public transport enterprises, relevant colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and other units, and approved by the Ministry of civil affairs, He is a member of the International Union of public transport (UITP). The public transport branch has a Council, a standing council and a secretariat. The Council is changed every four years, and every five years since the tenth session. At present, it is the eleventh session.

In the field of urban public transport, strengthen the connection between "production, learning and research" of the industry, promote the close combination of scientific research technology and production and operation practice, promote the scientific research and technological progress and scientific popularization of urban public transport industry, and strive to realize the modernization and sustainable development of urban public transport.

Shengge Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Shengge Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional exhibition organizer committed to promoting the development of urban public transport industry. It is mainly engaged in the organization of large-scale international exhibitions in rail transit, bus and other industries, international industry exhibition consultation, overseas market promotion and other activities. The company's management team basically has more than ten years of industry experience and is at a leading level in the industry.

Shengge exhibition takes "professional focus and wholehearted service" as its business philosophy and "integrity first, customer first" as its service purpose; Gather international industry information, build exhibitions, promote the industry and promote economic development as the ultimate development goal, constantly strengthen exchanges with enterprises in the industry, deepen the exhibition service concept and improve the exhibition service level. Strive to provide customers with better and more efficient professional exhibitions and related information services, and help enterprises move towards success!