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A world first! The hydrogen energy smart tram was put into operation in Yibin in August

发布时间:2024-07-01 17:52:23  

Rail Transit Exhibition News A few days ago, in the production workshop of CRRC Tietou Rail Transit Industrial Base in Sanjiang New Area, workers are producing a new type of hydrogen energy smart rail tram.


Workers are producing a new hydrogen-powered smart tram


Workers are busy at their respective posts for the production of hydrogen smart trams

Hydrogen energy smart rail tram is a new type of green intelligent rail transit tool independently developed by China and the first in the world after the new energy smart rail tram. The whole vehicle has been upgraded through intelligent design and has higher "wisdom". The vehicle is powered by hydrogen energy, which has the advantages of longer cruising range, shorter hydrogen refueling time, lower carbon, energy saving and environmental protection.

Previously, the world's first hydrogen smart tram has been tested for three months in Kuching, Malaysia. The current batch of hydrogen smart trams in production will roll off the assembly line in July and put into operation in Yibin in August.

A world first! Hydrogen energy smart tram put into operation in Yibin in August (Figure 3)

Workers are installing a hydrogen-powered smart tram line

As a new product that integrates the advantages of rail transit and ground transportation, smart rail adopts the original self-guidance and track following technology, which has the characteristics of small infrastructure investment, short construction period, flexible scheduling, low-carbon environmental protection, intelligent and convenient, etc., and provides an innovative low- and medium-volume rail transit system solution that takes into account the advantages of transportation capacity and cost for urban transportation.

A world first! The hydrogen energy smart tram was put into operation in Yibin in August(图4)

Busy production lines

In 2019, Yibin opened the first smart rail commercial operation line. In 2020, Smart Rail was officially named "Electronic Guided Rubber Wheel System" by China Urban Rail Transit Association.

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