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China's first "low-altitude + rail" air-rail intermodal transport project was launched at Shenzhen N

发布时间:2024-07-01 14:50:42  

According to the rail transit exhibition, recently, China's first "low-altitude + rail" air-rail intermodal transport project was officially launched in the East Square of Shenzhen North Railway Station, providing passengers with "one-stop" shuttle service for Shenzhen air-rail transportation. Passengers can take a helicopter to Shenzhen North Railway Station and fly to various districts of Shenzhen, as well as to Zhuhai, Zhongshan and other cities in the Greater Bay Area.

The smooth opening of the project has formed a low-altitude transportation network with Shenzhen North Railway Station as the center to connect the Bay Area, which can reach more than 90% of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area within one hour. What new experiences does the air-rail intermodal project bring to passengers?

Mr. Han was one of the first passengers on the day of the flight on June 28. He and three other passengers took a helicopter from Shenzhen North Railway Station and arrived at their destination, Shenzhen Bay, in just eight minutes.

Mr. Han said: "We are about 8 minutes away by airbus, which is very fast and convenient. Unlike other ordinary small planes, it is still relatively safe. Very stable, the plane is relatively large, two captains, very safe. ”

The Shenzhen North Railway Station Hub Air-Rail Intermodal Transport Project is jointly built by Shenzhen Railway Group and Eastern General Aviation. The project is located in the C1 unit of the East Square of Shenzhen North Railway Station, with a 314-square-meter helipad on site, which can provide the public with high-level air taxi charter transportation services in the industry.


Cai Wuqun, general manager of the Eastern General Aviation Strategy Department, said: "Shenzhen's major hubs, including Bao'an Airport and Shekou cruise home port, have been implanted with the ability to travel at low altitudes. There is no high-speed rail station in the country that has this capability, so we have implanted the ability to travel at low altitude at Shenzhen North Station. Passengers can get directly on the helicopter in about two minutes from the high-speed rail station, which is the most efficient and seamless connection. ”

It is understood that the intermodal service has intercity routes and intracity routes. For example, the intercity route in Zhongshan can be reached in 25 minutes, and the intracity route can fly to all districts of Shenzhen. Cai Wuqun told Voice of China that according to market demand, they have launched several key routes, and can also customize routes according to customer needs. In the early stage of project operation, there will be a period of cultivation and publicity and promotion.

Cai Wuqun said: "We have now launched several key routes, such as flights to Futian Greater China, Bao'an Airport, Nanshan Houhai in Shenzhen, etc., which are actually CBD flights to various districts. Cross-city routes, now there are some core areas such as Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, etc. If customers have needs, we can customize the route in the 9+2 city agglomeration of the Greater Bay Area. In the whole field of helicopters, it is a customized service, not a scheduled flight. ”

Many people are concerned about the pricing of taking the "flying" at Shenzhen North Railway Station. On the WeChat public account of "i Shenzhen Railway Property", click on the "Property Line - Air Taxi Travel" to purchase the route, choose the appointment time, complete the ticket purchase, check-in and other procedures, and then go to the apron of the East Square of the hub of Shenzhen North Railway Station to take the flight. The charter flight starts from 9800 yuan and can seat 6 people. Eastern General Airlines' "Air Taxi" mini-program has launched relevant functions, and passengers only need to place orders online to achieve accurate matching of demand and capacity. Cai Wuqun also told reporters that at present, their product positioning is mainly for mid-to-high-end business people.

Cai Wuqun said: "Some areas already have government support policies, we will reduce the price to a lower level, for example, Feinanshan District, more than 6,000 yuan, cross-city is now priced at 39,800 (external listing price), and we will do some promotional activities on the price in the future." Helicopters are more in the middle and high-end, and what we have to land in the end is the iteration of the aircraft. In the early stage, more helicopters are used to cultivate the mid-to-high-end market, and when the domestic (eVTOL) electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft can be put into operation, we will iterate iteratively, and then its operating cost will be extremely low, and hundreds of dollars in the city can be realized. ”

The Shenzhen North Railway Station air-rail intermodal transport project can also provide aviation emergency rescue services for the public, break through the restrictions of ground transportation, and provide protection for the safety of citizens' lives and property.


Cai Wuqun said: "The entire emergency rescue service cannot be discussed on a single point, we are more into the Shenzhen North Railway Station into the original emergency rescue system of Eastern General Aviation." At present, Shenzhen has more than 70 take-off and landing points in the eastern part of the navigation alone. We have now built preliminary air 120 and air 119 systems with the emergency department, health department and various hospitals in Shenzhen. Basically, the tertiary hospitals in Shenzhen have aprons, which are connected to the emergency room. ”

According to reports, Eastern General Aviation has laid out more than 100 take-off and landing points in the entire Greater Bay Area, which means that starting from Shenzhen North Railway Station, it can reach any city in the 9+2 urban agglomeration of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Pu Xiaobin, senior manager of the engineering technology center of Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd., told reporters that in addition to the hub of Shenzhen North Railway Station, they will also lay out air-rail intermodal transportation projects in more hub areas.

Pu Xiaobin said: "At present, it is starting from the hub of Shenzhen North Railway Station, and then it will be combined with some large hubs to lay out according to travel in advance, and reserve the infrastructure conditions for low-altitude travel connections in the design stage, so that more travel modes can be provided for interline connections." It may take some time for eVTOL to officially obtain the operation qualification, and we are now laying a good foundation for the entire low-altitude network technology infrastructure, including take-off and landing points and communication networks. When the eVTOL is up and running, it will be able to serve citizens with less noise and lower prices. ”

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