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Spy photos of CRRC Tangshan Line B1 train leaked out

发布时间:2024-07-10 11:40:09  

Rail Transit Exhibition News Recently, the "Tangshan Release" video account released the overseas guests of the "Overseas Chinese Connecting Five Continents, Overseas Chinese Gathering in Tangshan" activity, and went deep into the ...... of CRRC Tangshan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., LtdAmong them, in the part of CRRC Tangshan Company, there are B1 line trains and line 1 additional cars "appeared".


The car on the left is the B1 line train (video screenshot).


The car on the far left is the additional car purchased by Line 1 (video screenshot)

The front face is mainly composed of red and black, and is accompanied by the logo of Binhai Construction Investment Group and the car group number, which is B101. Compared with the front face and the renderings, the real thing is more vivid except for the red, and the rest of the features are basically the same as the renderings. There is an emergency escape door directly in front of the driver's cab.


Renderings of the B1 line train (source: Binhai Construction Investment)

The B1 train is the same as the existing Luxian section of the second phase of Line 6, with 6A trains, each car is equipped with 5 pairs of doors, and the length and width of each car are increased compared with the B-type car.

As far as the current construction progress is concerned, it is expected that by the end of next year, the public will be able to take the B1 line train.

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